Super Mortgage 40 years: Mortgage credit for millennials

Are you looking to have your own home? Are you a millennial? If your answer is yes, the following post may be of interest to you. Below you will find information about the Super Mortgage 40 years , an offer that is currently in the market for a mortgage loan aimed at people under 35, considered millennials. You can find information about what it is, the requirements and what are the benefits of the 40 year Super Mortgage.


Super Mortgage 40 years: What is it about?

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The 40-year Super Mortgage is an initiative of Banco Sanbuwan that offers a mortgage loan aimed at the segment called “millennial”. This credit offers a term of up to 40 years, which will allow the dividend cost to decrease by up to 11% compared to a loan with a shorter term.

The Super Mortgage 40 years is an exclusive credit for the purchase of housing that offers you the possibility of financing up to 90% of the value of the real estate. The mortgage loan may be with a fixed or mixed rate.


Super Mortgage 40 years: Requirements

mortgage loan Requirements

Among the main requirements for the Super Mortgage 40 years are the following:

  • Maximum age of the applicant: Up to 35 years.
  • The real property acquired must be your first property.
  • Does not apply for the purchase of land or construction credits


Super Mortgage 40 years: What are its benefits?

Super Mortgage 40 years: What are its benefits?

The 40 year Super Mortgage offers the following benefits:

  • Option of up to 6 months of grace for the payment of the first dividend.
  • Option to include the Housing Grant DS01.
  • Possibility of buying a property of greater value, given the new dividend.

On the other hand, on the website of the banking institution you can find a 40 year Super Mortgage simulator, which will allow you to have a clearer idea of ​​the financing you want to buy your home.

After knowing about this new product, do you find the information useful? Do you have any other questions? Tell us your opinions or doubts.