Free loans – green light for Christmas spending

Making Christmas is a tradition for Poles. Year by year, expenses for organizing December holidays are increasing. That is why Poles are increasingly turning to free loans to finance Christmas shopping. Can payday pay be a good option for Christmas spending?

We spend more and more

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According to the Provident Barometer, the Navs family plans to allocate an average of USD 720 to organize Christmas. The biggest cost of Christmas shopping are both food (some food products went up by 30% in the last month), as well as gifts. Of course, the amount of spending depends on your income. People whose monthly income does not exceed USD 2,000 will spend a little less on holidays, about USD 380. However, if the income exceeds the threshold of USD 5,000 a month, family holiday expenses also increase to the ceiling of about USD 1,000. Most Poles cover Christmas expenses from current income or accumulated savings. However, according to a survey by Provident, 25% consider the possibility of financing holidays with funds from the 500+ Program or with … a loan!

Extra cash for the holidays? Online payday loan

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To finance holiday expenses, Poles are increasingly choosing free loans. This is due to, among others from simplified formalities to obtain commitments, as well as the possibility of taking loans online. Visiting several websites that compare express loan offers is enough to choose the best option that is enough to finance your holiday shopping.

Free fast cash

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You can also get loans for free at Christmas for free. Especially if a person first uses the offer of a particular loan company.

An example would be a loan in Wonga, where you can borrow up to USD 10,000. However, to use the loan for USD 0, you must pay the entire amount within 30 days. Of course, a one-time repayment of USD 10,000 can be difficult. However, the return of several hundred zlotys will not be such a problem. In addition, Wonga also offers payday payday for USD 1,500 with a 60-day repayment period. In this option, although the commission is calculated, it is only USD 10.

There are more and more promotional loans for USD 0 on the market. However, it is always better to carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion before signing the contract. Free loans can usually only be used by new customers. However, to take advantage of the free commitment, you must usually meet certain conditions, which are not always clearly specified in the payday advertisement. Overlooking any of these details can make the loan not free at all, and its costs can be quite high.

For shorter or longer term?

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If a smaller cash injection is needed before Christmas, a 30 or 60 day loan is a good option. However, if the amounts of available short-term loans turn out to be too small, you can always opt for payday loans with longer repayment periods. Installment loans are a standard product of most non-bank loan companies, and some offers are on really good terms. In addition, spreading payments into smaller installments can be beneficial to your home budget, which is already sufficiently strained by holiday expenses. Below we present the conditions for more interesting installment loan offers on the market assuming a loan of USD 3,000 for 6 months.